Nutrition Coaching

I am here to help you break FAD dieting and learn a sustainable, maintainable way to eating. Whether you’re an elite athlete, new parent or busy parent, fallen off the wagon or needing a whole new wagon, or maybe you’ve just tried every damn diet under the sun and you’re still not getting the results you want.

I use personal experiences and professional knowledge to provide individualized coaching and advice to suit each client’s needs. For some, that might mean focusing on calorie consumption; for others, it might mean tracking macros. Or, it might simply mean learning more about what food helps us feel and look our best!

Regardless of the method that’s right for you, my focus is always on the long term and achieving the most sustainable results.

Monthly Nutrition Coaching

  • A fully customized nutrition plan, and weekly food log reviews
  • Nutritional goal setting, habit coaching
  • Detailed weekly check ins with weekly feedback from your coach
  • Weekly progress tracking and nutrition adjustments if necessary
  • Optional coaching calls
  • In app messaging and/or texting with your coach anytime
  • Database full of family friendly, simple and clean recipes
  • $175 per month, no time commitment!
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Custom Meal Plan

  • 30 minute phone or video consultation with Brittany
  • Fully customized meal plan designed to fit you, your likes and dislikes, schedule, goals, body type, current nutrition habits
  • 10+ options for EACH meal with lots of variety
  • Learn how to structure your meals, eat enough protein, build habits around meal prep and meal planning
  • Have access to our training app for 6 weeks to track your body stats, message Britt with questions, track food, etc
  • Access to ALL of my recipes that you can swap and use for breakfast, lunches and dinners
  • 15 minute follow up call with Britt after 6 Weeks
  • $300 one time fee
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