Reward Yourself the Right Way

March 16, 2023

Reward Yourself the Right Way

Pat yourself on the back.


You just finished a grueling workout. Or you have had a full week of staying on track of your nutrition.


Now it’s time to reward yourself for all of your hard effort.


I am ALL FOR the reward system.


I believe it helps create a postitive mindset around a healthy lifestyle, along with making things REALISTIC and not using exercise as a punishment for a bad diet.


Creating a reward system will encourage you to follow your exercise and nutrition routine and attaching a positive system will give you more confidence that YOU CAN DO THIS!



The most important part of creating a reward system, is making sure it’s the right system FOR YOU. There is no one size fits all reward syste.


Find a reward plan that fits your lifestyle and goals. If you know that a daily reward system is necessary for you to complete your workout, than you shouldn’t be ashamed to create a system that gives you a small incentitive every day. On the other hand, if you respond better to long-term goals, than it might be best to have a bigger reward waititing for you after exercing for a month or longer!


Keep in mind that if you choose to reward yourself daily or weekly, your rewards need to be smaller!




Food is typically the #1 choice for a reward. BUT over doing it can sabotage your weight loss goals, especially if you choose to reward yourself daily or even weekly.


So while it’s easy to choose food as your reward, dig a little deeper and find something else thats worth fighting for. A lot of my clients will work toward earning a new pair of shoes, spa day or a small shopping spree once per month or every few months!




A simple journal might do the trick for you.


But if you are in need of more accountable, it’s time to explore other online fitness options to document and track your progress or hold you accountable to your goals.


Whether you write your workouts, nutrition and goals down in a notebook, or hire and online personal trainer to help you track, the overall objective is to find an easy way to stay motivated.


If your motivation to exercise is fading than…consider starting an exercise reward system!


It will encourage you to stay healthy and track your progress!

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