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“We take a lot of pride at TUF to be not ‘just another fitness program’

With us, each individual and each journey is totally unique.

​No matter who you choose as your trainer, whether you’re an online client or an in-person member, we work with each member and client to not only change their bodies but also change their life!

Are you ready to take that step with us?


Join TUF and work with your coach anywhere around the world!

  • daily workout schedule
  • fitness progress tracking
  • nutrition tracking
  • photo and body stat tracking
  • in app communication with your coach
  • customizable plans

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Meet The Coaches

Brittany Schrempp

Brittany is a certified Nutrition Specialist and Exercise Physiologist with a degree in Exercise Science. She specializes in rapid fat loss, lifestlye coaching, meal planning, corrective exercise, elite athlete coaching and bikini competitor programs.

Brittany is a national level Bikini Competitor and designer of TUF’s most popular program for women

-TUF Love

Train with Britt

Cameron Schrempp

Cameron is a certified personal trainer who specializes in combat sports, elite athlete coaching, lifestyle coaching for Men, power and mass building, mobility and corrective exercise.

Cameron is a former All-American wrestler, former MMA fighter and boxer. He gives an extra edge and intensity into his training programs. He has programs designed specifically for Men and Hunters.

Train with Cam

What Our Clients Says

"When I started, I thought I needed to lose a bunch of weight. I have actually lost zero pounds. I have gained a ton of muscle, I look and feel better in all my clothes. I have learned through this program that eating healthy, and gaining muscle is what actually is making me look a lot better. It’s no longer about losing weight for me. 🤍"
Kim Zuhlke
What our clients say "I am just starting with Brittany AGAIN! Previously worked with her and lost 38 pounds. Now I back on the wagon with Brittany's help I am diving into conquering my nutrition, which really needs help. I KNOW she's the right gal, because she cares about ME and listens to give me the best advice."
Cami Van Wyhe
"I’ve worked tirelessly to gain control over my health for years and have always found myself in a never ending circle of weight gain and weight loss. I reached out to Brittany after following her on Facebook to see if there was a program that would be best with my goals. From the very start, Brittany has opened my eyes and given me a whole new perspective on nutrition and fitness. She helped discover several food intolerances and developed a meal plan that is actually realistic and easy to follow. I’ve never felt better and am so excited to continue to reach more goals through Brittany’s 1 on 1 coaching program. 10/10"
Trista Vleck
What our clients say "Brittany is a coach full of grace and grit. She gets it, life happens but also will give you everything you need to be successful in every situation. She works hard for her clients and celebrates your WINS with you! So thankful that I finally bit the bullet and started her program. She has helped change my life and I've fallen in love with working out and the process of becoming the best version of me!"
Amanda Carl


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